Ground Freezing

Advanced ground freezing techniques with a wealth of experience in a range of civil and environmental applications.

CTCI REI is one of just a handful of companies in Asia with the technical skills and experience to execute ground freezing. Ground freezing is a proven technology for any underground construction work that requires soil to be reliably water sealed and strengthened. 

CTCI REI’s ground freezing process is safe, environmentally friendly, and delivers uniformly excellent performance. It also allows the ground to recover easily once the freezing process is complete. We utilize 2D-FEM numerical analysis that can effectively simulate freezing performance: predicting the exact timing of the formation of frozen soil, and enabling our teams to assess and manage refrigeration units and temperature requirements.

Our teams are customer-focused and offer a complete ground freezing service from assessing owners’ requirements and project needs to recommending suitable freezing methods, construction methodology and monitoring. Brine freezing is typically used for large, longer-term applications. Liquid nitrogen freezing is rapid and effectively for small or emergency situations. We are capable of both freezing technology.

Market coverage

CTCI REI has completed ground freezing work for the following applications: 
  • Deep excavations (earth retaining, water sealing)
  • Shaft excavations (earth retaining, water sealing)
  • Tunneling (NATM, TBM/SHIELD launching & arrival, connection)
  • Cross passage construction
  • Disaster rescue
  • Underground construction
CTCI REI has extensive practical experience in vertical and horizontal freezing, jet grouting, and excavation in frozen soil. Our ground freezing team has overcome the challenge of working with conditions and environments including:
  • Hydraulic pressures of more than 400 kN/m2
  • High temperatures of more than 40ºC (due to jet grouting hydration)
  • Shield tunnel launching and arriving at high speed of groundwater situation under river

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