Turn Key & Inter-Discipline Integration

The Resources Engineering Services Incorporated is a professional engineering consulting firm specializes in providing all-purpose, multi-discipline solutions and services to public works oriented projects.

Our services cover the planning, the design, the construction and the testing & verification of all public works, which include: 

Track work Engineering

Combining the manpower and experiences of CTCI Group, CTCI REI has made significant contributions to Taipei Rapid Transit, Kaohsiung Rapid Transit and Taiwan High Speed Rail, etc. CTCI REI expertises have been expanded into the core part of trackwork system (track, communication, signaling, power supply and depot equipment) from civil & architecture, electrical & mechanical engineering of stations, tunnels and depots, boasting the superb integration ability among its competitors.

Roadway Engineering

CTCI REI possesses rich experiences in road planning, design and construction management on viaducts, tunnels, embankment, road cuts, underground passages, landscaping, eco-technology and related land development resulted from working on abundant projects island wide.

Management of Life Cycle Extension

CTCI REI is actively dedicated to the technical development of monitoring, inspection, maintenance and reinforcement technique so as to extend the life cycle of works. The automatic monitoring system developed by CTCI REI has been applied to many major works in Taiwan with outstanding performances.
The objectives of our services are to provide the world with a comprehensive Total Solution. The Total Solutions that we provide are only bounded by the requests of our clients and the imaginations of our engineers. As a member of the CTCI Group, our services extend to projects for all spectrum of engineering.

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction and Commissioning Project of North LNG Receiving Terminal

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