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CTCI REI is superior to the field of integration, has a wealth engineering experience, to create the greatest value of the project. We continues to strive for excellence, let us win domestic and foreign awards.
  • 2020/11/23
    CTCI REI Scores Hat Trick in Taiwan’s Public Construction Golden Safety Awards
    CTCI Resources Engineering Inc. (CTCI REI) announced today that it has been granted national accolade by winning three Public Construction Golden Safety Awards this year for its projects in Taiwan, given by Taiwan’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor.

    The three awards include one Excellence Award for “geological investigation, surveying, and design work for Taiwan Provincial Highway No.7D 14K+415 Xincheng Bridge replacement project” and two Honorable Mention Awards for “planning, detail design, and supervision service for air force’s Shi Zishan Cavern” and “Donghu∮1,000mm water pipeline shield tunnel turnkey project.”

    As a government recognition, the Public Construction Golden Safety Awards is Taiwan’s most rigorous award in the evaluation of engineering companies’ health, safety, and environment (HSE) performances.

    Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 7D project is hailed for its safety features, including larger bridge spans, wider road, and bigger turning radius for flood control and traffic safety.

    In Shi Zishan Cavern project, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is used to form hazard reduction strategies in a confined workspace. Engineering meticulously cared for the need for hazardous gas detection, as well as for noise protection during military jet take-offs and landings.

    The highly sophisticated Donghu water pipeline tunnel project is praised for its excellent detailed design, risk assessment, and obstacle research, the success of which can be seen in optimized linear pipelines and the bypass of underground obstacles.

    CTCI REI, a subsidiary of CTCI Group, is Taiwan’s leading engineering, procurement, and construction company in public infrastructure, civil, and transportation projects. The company upholds “safety first” and “total accountability” principles throughout every project, achieving proud HSE records. It will continue to commit to making HSE improvement and keeping safety cultures in order to deliver reliability to clients around the world.

  • 2020/06/18
    CTCI Corporation Remains Top Contractor in CommonWealth Magazine’s Top 2,000 Enterprises Survey while Many Group Companies Join the List
    Seven CTCI Group Companies, including CTCI Corporation, ECOVE Environment Corporation, ECOVE Environment Services Corporation, CTCI Machinery Corporation, CTCI Resources Engineering Inc., CTCI Smart Engineering Corporation, and ECOVE Waste Management Corporation, are chosen as Top 650 Enterprises in Service Sector, as CommonWealth Magazine’s Top 2,000 Enterprises Survey results show this May. CTCI Corporation garners top 5% and remains No.1 in the contractor category. Many other Group companies also remain on other rankings lists.

    Rankings are primarily based on revenue scale in 2019. In total, 2,100 companies with excellent performances are selected, and are further broken down into three categories, namely “Top 1,350 Enterprises in Manufacturing Sector,” “Top 650 Enterprises in Service Sector,” and “Top 100 Enterprises in Financial Services Sector.” The following is each Group company’s specific ranking among the top 650 enterprises in service sector:

  • 2020/01/01
    CTCI REI Honored with 2 Awards in “Public Constructions Golden Quality Award,” the Highest Honor in Public Construction Works
    Winners of the 19th Public Constructions Golden Quality Award (2019) organized by the Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan, has been announced; the award is recognized as the highest honor in public construction works nationally. Three projects executed by CTCI REI have won tree excellence awards, once again demonstrating the “Most Reliable” engineering service quality.

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