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Founded in 1984, CTCI REI is an affiliate of CTCI, a professional engineering consulting firm specializes in providing all-purpose, multi-discipline solutions and services to public works oriented projects. Our services cover the planning, the design, the construction and the testing & verification of all public works, which include: Road and Rail, Architecture and Structure, Hydraulics and Harbors, Geotechnical, Environments, Electrical Power, and Construction Management, etc. 

The objectives of our services are to provide the world with a comprehensive Total Solution. The Total Solutions that we provide are only bounded by the requests of our clients and the imaginations of our engineers. As a member of the CTCI Group, our services extend to projects for all spectrum of engineering.
CTCI REI continues to strive for excellence. Our high performance makes us a leading EPC company in Taiwan.


CTCI REI came into registration under the law of Taiwan in the year 1988 from the CTCI Exploration Services Corporation (since 1984) when the CTCI Group increased the company’s capital. From the original oil drilling, with only about ten employees, the CTCI REI grew and expanded along with Taiwan’s economy by focusing ourselves in the public works.


Our competitive edges attain from our meticulous demands on quality and on our pursuit of effectiveness on all the works that we do and on systematic integration of works to consciously elevate our knowledge and technologies. Our pursuit of effectiveness has also prompted us to take on the challenges of being the provider of Total Solution for all kinds of clients. Forged from the enormous turn-key experiences from the CTCI-Group, we have successfully transformed ourselves from the traditional planning and design only consultant into a Turnkey contractor who build the future.

Future Outlook

With the increasing emphasis on economy, efficiency and accountability for public works through out the world, we are cautiously optimistic about the future. We shall persist to become a specialty Turn-key contractor, aiming to export our knowledge and expertise to the world and continuing to provide the clients all over the world our Total Solutions.

CTCI REI Taipei Head Office

CTCI REI Kaohsiung Office

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