QHSE Policy

QHSE Policy

Ever higher quality

Researching and embracing continuous improved quality management mechanism.

Quality is the essence of reliability, and as CTCI is dedicated to being the world’s most reliable engineering service provider, we are never satisfied with our systems and checks or the cost efficiencies and value these can bring our clients.

Over the decades, we’ve refined a comprehensive quality management system that anticipates and catches problems before they occur. Of course, even the best-laid system encounter unforeseen challenges, and if they do, we are quick to acknowledge and address them. Based on our corporate philosophy and mission, we establish quality policy, our commitment to quality is as following: 

HSE Policy

Innovating safer, healthier workplaces & environments

Fusing international standards with academic insights.

Ask any of our employees what the most important aspect of being reliable is, and they will answer “safety.” As the heart of our organization, we’re committed to doing everything we can to keep them, the worksites they operate on, and the people for whom they are responsible, safe.

It’s a passion that envelops our organization and comes to life in a system we call “Total HSE”. This philosophy drives everyone in the organization to continually update our HSE standards in line with best international practice while seeking leading-edge insights from academic experts and HSE specialists.

For the past decade, CTCI REI has operated an integrated HSE management system conforming to both the OHSAS18001 and ISO14001 standards. We are in the process of adapting our practices to conform with the ISO High-Level Structure (HLS) management system, which will further improve the adaptability of our HSE practices to conform with any leading industry application.

Furthermore, CTCI REI actively develops its own HSE best practices, including:
We are also actively cooperating with academic experts in Taiwan to develop improved methodologies for HSE performance evaluation.

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