Training & Development

CTCI REI inherits CTCI's Training and Developing system. Our high performance make us become leading EPC company in Taiwan.

CTCI’s success is not only measured by business growth and performance, but also by providing you with a good learning environment and opportunities to develop and grow. CTCI believes that knowledge contributed by you is one of CTCI’s greatest assets. Knowledge heritage is built on continuous learning and sharing, which is why CTCI invests more than $12 million new taiwan dollars annually in training and education opportunities for you.

Training Program

CTCI has developed training and development programs for you based on an objective to strengthen your capabilities and expertise while at CTCI. Following a training roadmap, each department develops a training plan, which includes specialty categories and evaluation criteria. 

CTCI offers you 5 ways for you to learn – lectures, On-the-Job-Training (OJT), Lesson & Learn, e-learning, and knowledge management access – to develop specialized knowledge and skills, language abilities, computer skills, and management science that will help you make the most of your career.

Training System

CTCI uses a web-based system (CTCI University) to manage some training lessons. Training lessons managed by CTCI University include announcements, enrollments, quizzes and evaluations and records.
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