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  • 2024/04/22
    CTCI REI and CTCI SEC Secured Jincheng Anju Social Housing EPC Project in Joint Effort
    CTCI REI and CTCI SEC, affiliates of CTCI Corp., secured Hsinchu Jincheng Anju Social Housing EPC Project in joint effort with JH Day Building Workshop, marking another achievement in social housing by helping the government address housing-related issues for the disadvantaged to fulfill housing justice. As a sustainable building combining smart engineering and green energy, this project will serve as an example of precast building and is set to be completed by 2029, providing 922 housing units.

    Proposed by the National Housing and Urban Regeneration Center, the social housing in the East District of Hsinchu City was contracted to CTCI for its emphasis on ESG during the bid. For example, as for technology innovation, our team offered to upgrade both the project’s green building labeling and intelligent building rating, with the former from silver to gold mark and the latter from certified to bronze level. As for project technology spotlights, our team will introduce Mr. Energy, an energy management system developed by CTCI, expand the setup of solar system, adopt same floor draining system in toilets to avoid quarrel over leakage between residents, and use BIM 7D smart management system for equipment data storage that will be monitored by property manager for future operation and management after completion.

    Moreover, in response to a new construction trend resulted from labor shortage, our team will adopt precast engineering for this project to shorten the construction period and enhance carbon reduction effectiveness. At the same time, in an effort to enhance community services, there will be baby care center, day care center for the disabled, day operation center and so on. With the ESG mindset, the project team will make the social housing a safe, healthy, convenient and sustainable model of smart green building.

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