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  • 2021/12/23
    CTCI REI Receives an Accolade for Public Construction Golden Quality Award
    TAIPEI, December 23, 2021—CTCI REI has been recognized by Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan with an Honorable Mention (facility category) at the 21st Public Constructions Golden Quality Award for superior quality in Detailed Design Work of Taipei MRT System Initial Network Station Entrance/Exit Escalators Mid-Term Improvement Project.

    The Public Constructions Golden Quality Award is the highest achievement for public construction project contractors in Taiwan.

    With the mid-term improvement project, the owner Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS), Taipei City Government aims to enhance the safety and convenience for senior citizens travelling by Taipei metro in response to an aging society. New escalators were to be built at the MRT stations already in operation in the initial Taipei network program, including Tamsui line, Bannan line, and Xindian line, totaling 8 stations, 19 entrances/exits, with 48 escalators to be added/replaced.

    With the average daily ridership numbers of Taipei Metro reaches over 2 million after 25 years of operation, CTCI REI has conducted detailed surveys and measurements for the stations at the early design stage to ensure daily operations are intact, and minimize impacts to commuters and the surrounding environment. The project team has adopted noise/vibration mitigation construction method, anti-pinch devices and energy-saving features for the escalators. The new escalators have won travelers' and project owner's recognition after they began operations.

  • 2021/10/01
    CTCI REI Receives "Public Constructions Golden Quality Award," the Top Honor in Occupational Safety and Health in Taiwan
    Winners of the Public Constructions Golden Quality Award, the top honor in occupational safety and health in Taiwan recognized by the Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan, have been announced. CTCI REI clinches the excellence award for "Geological Investigation, Surveying, and Design Work in Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 9A Shang Gui Shan Bridge Replacement Project" (design unit).

    Constructed in 1972, Shang Gui Shan Bridge is the only passage connecting Xindian and Wulai of New Taipei City. After 49 years of operation, the bridge was faced with several challenges including narrow bridge width, insufficient height for flood defense of the bridge, and exposure of caisson foundation, which impacts the safety of structure.

    Contracted with the engineering design work for bridge replacement project, CTCI REI made thorough considerations of the above issues before coming up with the long-span arch bridge design, which helps to increase cross-section area to better defend against floods, is easier for maintenance, and balances between hydraulic impacts and landscaping. Materials-wise, high-performance steel (HPS) structure was adopted to reinforce the bridge structure strength and reduce steel material used (and hence carbon emissions).

    CTCI REI performed comprehensive study in terms of health and safety perspective at every phase of the project. During the engineering design process, CTCI REI utilized Building Information Modeling (BIM) to increase design reliability and construction safety via its visualized 3D characteristics and collision detection. Besides, when the old bridge was being demolished and a temporary bridge for transportation was set in place, CTCI REI particularly emphasized structural safety and had widened the road to minimize risks during the flood season and enhance safety and convenience for road users. Before handing over design work to the construction contractor and supervisor, CTCI REI provided all risk evaluation results and deliverables of BIM to ensure HSE could be properly performed and that the subsequent works could be finished on time and to quality standard.

  • 2021/09/11
    Ceremony Marks Successful Handover of CTCI REI & CTCI SEC Chairmanships, CTCI SEC Presidency
    A handover ceremony held on September 11, 11:00 at CTCI Second Headquarters marked the transition of chairmanship at two CTCI companies, CTCI Resources Engineering Inc. (CTCI REI) and CTCI Smart Engineering Corporation (CTCI SEC), as well as the transition of presidency at CTCI SEC, all effective the same day.

    Dingo Ku, CTCI SEC Chairman, succeeds Kuo-Ann Wu as new CTCI REI Chairman. Wu remains CEO of Group Intelligent Solutions Business (GISB) and Chairman of CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. (CTCI ASI).

    Walker Wang, CTCI SEC President, succeeds Dingo Ku as new CTCI SEC Chairman. An-Cheng Kuo, CTCI SEC Vice President, succeeds Wang as new President.

    The handover ceremony was presided over by Ming-Cheng Hsiao, CEO of Group Shared Services, and Kuo-Ann Wu, CEO of GISB. Attendees include senior officials from both companies: Simon Liao, GISB/CTCI SEC senior advisor; Evan Chen, President of CTCI ASI; and Fortune Chen, President of CTCI REI.

    The simple but grand ceremony has ended in success.

  • 2021/08/22
    Welcome Home: CTCI REI Uses Smart Jacking Technology to Bring 80-Year-Old Kaohsiung Railway Station Back to Its Original Location
    With more than six months of jacking and movement by an expert team at CTCI Resources Engineering Inc. (CTCI REI), the 2,500-ton and 80-year-old Kaohsiung Railway Station will finally be relocated to its original location, after 19 years of displacement due to excavation needs for underground rail works and metro line construction.

    This project, known as "Kaohsiung Railway Station Relocation Turnkey Project," marks another glorious chapter in building relocation in Taiwan since 2006, when CTCI REI helped relocate another historic building dating back to Japanese colonial period, the Taipei Ministry of Railway.

    The challenge of relocation lies in moving the station across the top of the new underground station. This is no easy engineering task. To do so, the entire structure needs to be "jacked", or lifted. CTCI REI does this with intelligent structural jacking and movement (iSJM) technique. This involves using a computer-controlled system to precisely control 252 jacks so that the force is exerted upon the entire station structure simultaneously, thereby allowing the station to rise evenly, move horizontally, and lower steadily. The process is monitored in real-time through monitoring equipment and network systems to avoid building damage. It truly exemplifies CTCI REI’s utmost care for prolonging the life of an architecture, as well as its dedication in engineering technologies.

    Relocation began on March 17. On May 21, the main building was raised to a height of 3.94 meters. After successfully moving the building northbound for 4.8 meters on July 28, westward movement began on August 22, which is due to cover 57.86 meters. The station is due to arrive at final and permanent location on September 26. Then it will be lowered 2.19 meters and will settle on a foundation with anti-seismic components, so that it can withstand future earthquakes.

    After further renovation and internal decoration, the old railway station will once again stand on the original site of the central axis of Zhongshan Road and Boai Road in Kaohsiung City. It will be integrated with the new Kaohsiung Railway Station, become a new cultural and historical icon, and continue to serve travelers from all around the world.

  • 2021/06/20
    CTCI Corporation Remains Top Contractor in CommonWealth Magazine's Top 2,000 Enterprises Survey while Many Group Companies Join the List
    Seven CTCI Group Companies, including CTCI Corporation, ECOVE Environment Corporation, ECOVE Environment Services Corporation, CTCI Machinery Corporation, CTCI Resources Engineering Inc., CTCI Advanced Systems Inc., and ECOVE Waste Management Corporation, are chosen as this year's Top 650 Enterprises in Service Sector, as CommonWealth Magazine's Top 2,000 Enterprises Survey results show in May. CTCI Corporation ranks top 5% and remains No.1 in the contractor category. Many other Group companies also remain on other rankings lists.

    Rankings are primarily based on revenue scale in 2020. In total, 2,100 companies with excellent performances are selected, and are broken down into three categories, namely "Top 1,350 Enterprises in Manufacturing Sector," "Top 650 Enterprises in Service Sector," and "Top 100 Enterprises in Financial Services Sector."

    The following is each Group company's specific ranking among the top 650 enterprises in service sector:

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