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  • 2022/10/20
    Superior Performer in Green Engineering Projects: CTCI's 2nd HQ Building Wins Top Honors in National Golden Awards for Architecture
    The results of the 24th "National Golden Award for Architecture" were announced, and CTCI's 2nd HQ Building Project won the highest honors in both "Planning and Design" and "Construction Quality" categories. Group Intelligent Solutions Business (GISB) CEO Kuo Ann-Wu received the honor from Jong-Chin Shen, Vice Premier of the Executive Yuan, on behalf of the Group on October 20.

    This award is organized by the National Enterprise Competitiveness Development Association, aiming to encourage builders and constructors to develop intelligent solutions and green buildings so as to create superior residential quality and perfect living space for users. CTCI's 2nd HQ Building has been accredited with three prestigious certifications, including LEED Gold, Taiwan's Diamond Class IGB Award and Taiwan's EEWH Diamond Label. This time, it even won two top national awards in one move. Its exceptional design and construction quality, featuring both green energy and intelligent solutions, was highly recognized again.

    CTCI envisions itself as "A Guardian of Sustainable Earth" and continues to advance intelligent solutions and green techniques to develop "Green Engineering" with the aim of enhancing and strengthening competitiveness as well as accelerating global business expansion. CTCI pledges to continue to provide "the most reliable global engineering services" in the future, contributing to the sustainable development of the planet.

  • 2022/09/26
    CTCI REI Recognized with New Taipei City Government Public Construction Quality Award
    CTCI REI is recognized with the 2022 New Taipei City Government Public Construction Quality Award for excellent construction engineering and management performance in the Reconstruction Project of Sanchong GuangRong Elementary School.

    This is an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) project for a joint structure of school building and underground parking lot at GuangRong Elementary School in New Taipei City. Having been through long-term usage, the existing school building needed to be reconstructed. To minimize the impact on the pupils’ rights to education, the project team managed to operate construction work through several stages in a confined space, demolishing part of the building while the remaining space is used for teaching purpose, making it particularly challenging. Nevertheless, CTCI REI completed the project successfully with proper planning and outstanding project management.

    Completion of the highly-acclaimed project helps create a better learning environment for pupils as well as additional parking spaces to handle the parking demand for local citizens, hence maximizing the value of public goods.

    Highlights of the project are introduced below. The project developed a rooftop farm, a green roof with diverse space design, which adds aesthetic values to the environmental education. A brand-new covered playground that help train athletes has been constructed. On the other hand, creative configuration of the parking space facilities delivers a safer campus with zero dead zones.

    The project team utilized Building Information Modeling (BIM) to conduct engineering design, and interface integration including building, structure, as well as electrical and mechanical engineering construction. The effective engineering solution perfectly copes with construction conflict, and overcomes restrictions in the construction environment.

    Completing the project in phases, CTCI REI met quality specifications and schedule expectations, achieving resource sharing for school and local community. Once again it wins critical acclaim with the most reliable engineering services.

  • 2022/05/18
    CTCI Corporation Remains Top Contractor in CommonWealth Magazine's Top 2,000 Enterprises Rankings while Many Group Companies Join the List
    According to the latest rankings result for top 2,000 Taiwanese enterprises, released by CommonWealth Magazine, seven CTCI Group Companies, including CTCI Corporation, ECOVE Environment Corporation, ECOVE Environment Services Corporation, CTCI Machinery Corporation, CTCI Resources Engineering Inc., CTCI Advanced Systems Inc., and ECOVE Waste Management Corporation, have been chosen as this year's Top 650 Enterprises in the Service Sector. CTCI Corporation ranks top 5% and remains No.1 in the contractor category. Many other Group companies also remain on other rankings lists.

    Rankings are primarily based on revenue scale in 2021. In total, 2,100 companies with excellent performances are selected, and are broken down into three categories, namely "Top 1,350 Enterprises in the Manufacturing Sector," "Top 650 Enterprises in the Service Sector," and "Top 100 Enterprises in the Financial Services Sector."

    The following is each Group company's specific ranking among the top 650 enterprises in the service sector:

  • 2022/02/14
    CTCI REI Receives a Certificate of Appreciation from the Executive Yuan and Ministry of Transportation & Communications for Excellence in Xingfu Park Parking Garage EPC Project in Pingtung County
    CTCI REI has been conferred a certificate of appreciation from the Executive Yuan and Ministry of Transportation & Communications for engineering excellence and superior occupational HSE management in Xingfu Park Parking Garage EPC Project in Pingtung County.

    For this project, CTCI REI successfully ensured the structure safety of surrounding buildings and kept a safety record without lost-time injuries with its engineering expertise. The user friendly designs have created a welcoming, AI-assisted, and safe environment, making it a demonstration public paid parking place.

    Xingfu Park Parking Garage project is located near Shengli Road in the downtown area of Pingtung City, near various local cultural attractions. At the ground level, it is an all-inclusive park equipped with facilities for people of all ages and the physically challenged. For the underground garage, it is two-story structure with up-to-date intelligent parking features, including automatic license plate recognition, parking space detection system, and car-searching system. The convenience provided is highly recognized by residents of Pingtung County.

    During the project implementation, CTCI has demonstrated its brand spirit of being the most reliable global engineering services provider by meeting the highest quality standard, for which officials from the Executive Yuan visiting the site for inspections have highly acclaimed CTCI REI's professionalism and coordination ability.

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