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Geotechnical Engineering

CTCI REI devote in developing construction technology, intelligent management system and application interdisciplinary engineering methods to provide customers the best comprehensive and integrated services.

  • The project site of CAPCO No.6 PTA PLANT
    The project site of CAPCO Taichung Plant was backfilled by dredge sand from seabed. CAPCO constructed soil improvement of dynamic compaction and vibroflotation method in 2000, the efficiency was very excellent.
    CAPCO expected to add XF1010A water stage tank in 2004, and authorized RESI to plan and execute the design of soil improvement and foundation construction.

    Scope of Work:
    • Geotechnical investigation
    • Soil improvement and design of foundation
    • Purchase of crushed stone
    • Soil improvement and efficiency check of stone column
    • Ring-wall foundation construction of water storage tank
    • Application of construction license and occupancy permit

    Location:Taichung Harbor

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