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Shield Tunnel Engineering

We specialize in providing integrated solutions to general infrastructure. Our services are covering design, procurement, construction, supervision and turnkey projects.

  • The San-Jiang-Kou tunneling work beneath the Yangtze River for the West to East Gas Transmission Project
    The 4,000 km long West to East Gas Transmission pipeline meanders from Lunnan in Xinjiang Uyghur to Shanghai. It passes through eight provinces while get across the Yangtze and Yellow River several times. Though the Directional Drilling and Pipe - Jacking methods are employed in most sect ions of the Project, the Shield Tunnel ing Me thod i s adopt ed when pa s s ing through the Yangtze River at San-Jiang-Kou, Nanjing for its crossing span, strong current, huge volume of earth covering, and variety of geological structures including alluvial gravel and rock layers. The San- Jiang-Kou tunneling work beneath the Yangtze River (SJK tunneling work) was identified as the Critical work in the West–East Gas Pipeline Project.

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