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Intelligent Structure Jacking & Movement

CTCI REI is Asia’s most experienced provider of structure jacking and movement services. Our team utilizes an exclusive Computer Control Synchronous Jacking System (CCSJS) to save customers time and cost by minimizing interruptions in their business operations and extending the service lives of their structures.

Oil Tanks - CTCI REI (iSJM)

Through CTCI REI jacking system, the deformed tank will be restored to its original capacity. In addition, restore the original storage capacity. The tank storage capacity after rectification could meet the requirement from the user.

Shop Buildings - CTCI REI (iSJM)

CTCI REI is well experienced in deformation adjustment and reinforcement works both for hot and cold rolling shops. After adjustment, the structure deflection can be restored to meet the normative standards.

Push-down Caisson - CTCI REI (iSJM)

CTCI REI is a reliable professional team, who is well experienced in the field of Push-down Caisson. In order to avoid the "large excavation" in the limited space in urban area, which might lead to subsidence of neighboring houses and other destructions. "Push-down caisson" could be properly used in underground engineering, such as large-scaled structure, shields or driving shaft, etc.
  • Renovation on Deformed Oil Storage Tanks
    In this case, a 100,000 kiloliter oil tank (88.4m in diameter and 20.7m in height) suffered differential subsidence at the bottom, which caused wall plate deformation, and floating roof jam . This lead to a decrease in oil storage level to a height less than 9 meters; lower than 60% of the designed amount. CTCI REI utilized our patent -“Floating Roof Oil Tank Subsidence Repair Method” to repair the deformed oil tank by using Computer Control Synchronous Jacking System (CCSJS). The repaired tank recovered the oil storage height from 9m to 16m, and the tank storage returned to its operation level.

    Before jacking, 3D laser scanning was implemented to profile the deformed condition of tank wall. The data was then input to perform finite element analysis to analyze the stress distribution of the wall and subsidence curve at the bottom tank in order to find out the optimum jacking curve and process. The results were then used by the Computer Control Synchronous Jacking System (CCSJS) which can simultaneously operate 128 sets of jacks to guarantee structure safety when jacking. iSJM is the best solution to extending oil tank service life.


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